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SEO for Crypto E-Commerce Websites

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular every day. This has led to a rise in the number of e-commerce websites that accept cryptocurrencies as payment. If you own one of these websites, it is important to make sure that your website is optimized for cryptocurrency traffic. As a site owner, you should understand why crypto e-commerce needs SEO and how we can help you with optimization of the website for cryptocurrency traffic. Let’s get started!

Why Does Crypto E-Commerce Need SEO?

Why does the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry need SEO?

There are a few reasons why crypto e-commerce needs SEO. First, SEO may improve the visibility of your website and result in a greater number of visitors by improving its ranking in search engine results pages (SERP). Second, SEO may assist you in targeting key terms that are relevant to your goods or services. This will aid in the growth of more relevant traffic to your website. Finally, SEO may help you increase the conversion rate of your website by making it easier for visitors to discover what they are searching for.

It is essential to understand that it is extremely difficult for businesses to achieve their peak without investing in a good and useful website. However, in general, it depends on your business model and goals. If you are selling products or services online, then SEO can be a valuable tool to help you increase sales. 

The blockchain industry must invest in search engine marketing since promoting cryptocurrency websites has restrictions at the moment. An effective SEO approach will help your cryptocurrency get top rankings in search engines while also increasing organic SEO traffic for crypto-related searches. The number of visitors to your site, as well as the quality and number of leads it generates, are both affected by search engine results. This, in turn, increases your crypto company’s income.

How Can We Help You to Get More Traffic?

We can assist you in increasing your website’s traffic by optimizing it for cryptocurrency traffic. We will do this by performing competitor research, setting up a strategy, and optimizing your website for relevant keywords. Contact us today to learn more!

Competitor Research

The first step if you want to succeed in SEO, you need to do your competitor research. This means that you need to find out what your competitors are doing and how they are doing it. Analysis of competitors allows us to understand what requests they are fighting for. What links do they buy, how many of them, and where? What do they focus on in text optimization? How many landing pages have they created, how many of them collect the most traffic? Where and how they use keywords and so on.

All the collected information will lay a solid foundation in the formation of an individual strategy for your crypto project.

Setting up a Strategy

The next stage in optimizing your website for cryptocurrency traffic is to develop a plan. The better the competitor analysis is carried out, the better the strategy to achieve the desired result will be. This is the foundation of all work.

We will combine all the data with our latest developments, take into account the specifics of your cryptocurrency business, and start promoting the project as efficiently as possible.

Internal Optimization

The first step in internal optimization is to ensure that your website is well optimized for the keywords you wish to target. This includes making sure that your title tags, meta descriptions, and headings are all optimized for your chosen keywords. It also includes ensuring that your website’s content is relevant to the keywords you are targeting.

Technical optimization

The technical condition of your website plays an important role in SEO. We will check the internal state of the project, fix obvious errors, such as those shown by Google Search Console, as well as non-obvious ones that can be seen only by using special crawler programs. We will analyze and improve everything from correct breadcrumb markup and setting up robots.txt to implementation of technical SEO solutions to speed up site indexing, making it more understandable and relevant for the search engine.

Content Optimization

To optimize your website’s content for cryptocurrency traffic, we’ll make sure it is relevant and instructive. This includes writing blog posts, creating infographics, and producing videos that are all related to the keywords you are targeting.

External Optimization

External optimization is the first and most important step in optimizing your website for cryptocurrency traffic. This includes building backlinks from high-quality websites and ensuring that your platform is listed in relevant directories.

Link Profile Building and Development

Another step in external optimization is to build a high-quality link profile. Your business’s exposure may be increased by submitting your website to relevant directories and obtaining backlinks from high-quality websites. Doing this will help to increase your platform’s visibility and authority. This, in turn, will help to increase your rankings in search engines.

High-quality websites that link to your site can also assist your position in search engines. Your website must contain high-quality content that is relevant to your website in order to obtain backlinks from reputable websites. Once this content is created, we will submit it to these websites.

Increasing Website Conversion Rates

The final step in optimizing your site for cryptocurrency traffic is to increase your conversion rates. This can be done by ensuring that your site is easy to navigate and by providing relevant and targeted content. Your platform’s conversion rates can also be increased by offering discounts and special offers.

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Crypto E-commerce Websites We Work with

Numerous popular e-commerce platforms are working with cryptocurrencies now. Among them are:

  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce
  • WooCommerce
  • Magento
  • eGifter

And we are ready to provide our services and experience to your business, too!

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For our specialists, there is none. We effectively promote e-commerce projects of various niches, as we develop an individual promotion strategy for each project. However, we prefer crypto e-commerce due to our high expertise in cryptocurrency SEO, as well as the prospects of crypto topics.

It depends on the size of your site, as well as its technical condition. You can see the results of the promotion in 2-4 months. However, you can see a real increase in the positions of your site in 6-9 months after the implementation of your SEO strategy.

If you are not finding your site on Google for all the search queries you are interested in, or if you hit a glass ceiling and do not know where to go next – then, SEO is the right choice for you. Our experts will study all the search demand related to the subject of your crypto site and help you achieve your goals.

The budget is compiled individually since each optimization strategy is unique due to the variety of crypto projects. In order to calculate the budget for the promotion of your project, fill out an application form.

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