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SEO for Сrypto Exchanges

Why does the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry need SEO?

Crypto exchanges are a dime a dozen. The problem is that most of them are not optimized for search engine traffic. This means that when people search for crypto-related keywords, your exchange is not likely to show up in the results. We know exactly how to optimize your crypto exchange for better search engine visibility.

In order to receive high-quality traffic to your website that will bring new clients and increase your positions in SERP, it is important to conduct a number of optimization practices, including the creation of the content. Our team knows exactly how to do it as it consists of professionals with experience in working with crypto exchanges. Thus, we can achieve the best results with minimal effort.

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Why Does SEO for Crypto Exchange Matter?

Crypto exchanges have a huge potential in getting SEO traffic, which is the best in terms of conversions and quality. Since the information need for crypto topics is growing every day, there is more and more search demand. Including new services for the exchange, purchase, and trading of cryptocurrency. That is why cryptocurrency exchange sites require special attention from the SEO team.

To make your strategy work as efficiently as possible:

  • Collect all information needs.
  • Analyze keywords and prioritize clusters.
  • Create quality content to satisfy your user.
  • Develop a strategy to build a quality link mass.
  • Carry out an internal optimization of the project, taking into account the latest upgrades of the Search Engine.
  • Manage your SEO budget as efficiently as possible for maximum results.

All these actions, with the proper approach, will allow you to develop not only your site but also provide your users with the most comfortable experience in interacting with your site, thus showing search engines that you are better than your competitors.

The main thing to remember is that the main task of SEO is to:

  • Increase organic traffic from Google search;
  • Increase the conversion rate;
  • Show stable dynamics of converting leads into customers;
  • Increase your income.

The most important thing is that when new cryptocurrency and blockchain projects appear, new opportunities for getting traffic open up. And the development of the industry itself does not yet have a tangible horizon, which allows you to increase the number of your users almost constantly.

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Everything depends on the goals. One specialist is enough to conduct an SEO audit. However, if you want your site to bring maximum results, you need:

  • A team lead – the main person on the project, the one who is responsible for the implementation of the SEO strategy and the final result.
  • A link builder and/or outreach specialist is someone who is responsible for finding the best links for your site.
  • A technical specialist – the one who is responsible for the implementation of technical solutions to your site.
  • A content manager – the one who is responsible for the quality of content on your site.

All this will help to get the most striking effect from promotion in the search engine.

It all depends on the size of your site, as well as its technical condition. You can see the effect of the promotion in 2-4 months. However, you can see a real increase in the positions of your site in 6-9 months after the implementation of your SEO strategy.

Our SEO audit will cover all aspects of your web project that may affect the quality of its work and interaction with Search Engines.

Properly designed and effectively implemented SEO solutions can provide long-term results. We work with ranking factors that allow Google to distinguish a high-quality website from a low-quality one. A feature of the Search is that the results obtained are stored for a long time. At the same time, it is always worth considering competition and updates in the Search Engine, for further growth of the project’s position.

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