SEO Strategies for Content Writing: A Comprehensive Guide

SEO Strategies for Content Writing: A Comprehensive Guide

The crypto market is known for its high volatility and quick growth that influence every part of the industry. New crypto-related businesses appear constantly, creating strong competition and tons of content: countless articles, reports, and predictions are released every day, making it challenging for individual pieces to gain traction.

That’s where search engine optimization comes into play. If you are a crypto website owner, implementing SEO principles into content creation can help not only improve the quality of your content but also make it work toward improving your online visibility and, ultimately, your bottom line.

The Unique Challenges of Crypto Content SEO

Although general content SEO can seem complicated enough by itself, creating crypto content optimized for search engines presents another layer of challenges. Crypto SEO is inherently complex due to the swift evolution of cryptocurrency technologies. Regulatory shifts and the prevalence of misinformation further complicate content promotion, with search engines maintaining strict oversight over crypto sites.

In addition, crypto content writing requires a deep understanding of the field and its technical jargon. A person without relevant knowledge and experience might misinterpret a search intent containing a keyword like “gas fee”, in which case, the content may not meet the user’s expectations.

Constant technological advancement and new coins appearing regularly can render your SEO content strategy ineffective pretty quickly if you don’t monitor the industry news and adjust your plans. However, staying on top of the most recent developments is impossible without knowing the basic notions of the industry. You can check out our glossary of crypto terms before you explore more specific keywords.

How To Understand Specific Keywords

Keyword research is the foundation of your content strategy. It helps you understand which topics to choose for your content and how to optimize it. Thus, to help your crypto writer create content that fulfills user intent and contributes to your SEO efforts, you need to pick specific keywords to target.

Tools for Keyword Research

Start your keyword research with brainstorming: come up with a list of terms and phrases that you think are relevant to your business. For instance, a cryptocurrency exchange might start with listing keywords like “crypto exchange”, “buy Bitcoin”, or “crypto trading platform.”

Special SEO tools can help you expand your keyword list. Ahrefs, SEMrush, Moz’s Keyword Explorer, and Ubersuggest are among the most popular options.

  • Ahrefs: An SEO tool excelling in backlink analysis and keyword exploration.
  • SEMrush: Offers comprehensive keyword analytics and competitor research capabilities.
  • Ubersuggest: Provides keyword ideas, search volume, and competition data.
  • Keyword Tool: Generates long-tail keyword suggestions using Google Autocomplete data.
  • Moz’s Keyword Explorer: Highlights keyword suggestions with an emphasis on “Keyword Difficulty” scores.

Continuing with our example of a crypto exchange website, here are some ideas offered by SEMrush for the “crypto trading platform” keyword:

SEMrush for the “crypto trading platform” keyword

From here, you can explore individual terms, phrases, and clusters with the “Keyword Magic Tool”:

Keyword Magic Tool

Crypto Niche Keyword Competition Analyzing

As you can see, keyword research tools provide a range of metrics to help you choose keywords that are not only relevant to your website but can realistically be targeted in your content. Most of these platform allow you to gauge terms according to the following metrics:

  • Keyword Difficulty (KD) measures how challenging it would be to rank for a particular term, considering the current competition; a higher KD suggests more competitive landscapes.
  • Search Volume indicates the average number of times a keyword is searched per month, giving insights into its popularity.
  • Intent determines the searcher’s underlying goal – be it informational, commercial, navigational, or transactional. For instance, “how to buy Bitcoin” has an informational intent, while “best Bitcoin exchange” leans more commercial.

"Crypto trading platform" keyword overview

It’s essential to balance these metrics: target keywords that are relevant to your content, have a decent search volume but not insurmountably high difficulty, and align with the desired user intent. Let’s take a look at several examples analyzed in Ahrefs.

  • “Buy Bitcoin”

“Buy Bitcoin” keyword Ahrefs analysis

This keyword has a high search volume, but it also has considerable KD. You need to spend a lot of resources to bring this page to the top, even if your article is well-written.

  • “Buy Bitcoin with American Express”

“Buy Bitcoin with American Express” keyword Ahrefs analysis

This phrase, on the other hand, has a lower search volume – but its low KD makes it a better choice. Look for simpler clusters that will give you additional ideas for creating quality content and getting to the top relatively quickly.

In addition, try exploring keywords in different GEOs, focusing especially on the locations that are relevant to your business. For example, the query “buy Bitcoin with PayPal” has a good search frequency and average competition in Germany.

“buy Bitcoin with PayPal” keyword analysis in Germany

Long-Tail Keywords in Crypto Content

Longer and more specific keywords, such as questions (e.g., “how to choose cryptocurrency to trade”) or phrases (e.g., “mobile crypto exchange apps with the best user reviews”) open more opportunities for ranking. Such long-tail keywords usually have a lower search volume, but they also offer lower competition and help attract a more targeted audience. Ultimately, this helps you rank faster, although you will mostly gain traction in more niche topics.

When working with long-tail terms, it’s important to implement them in your articles organically and to stay relevant. The more specific your chosen keyword is, the deeper your understanding of the topic should be – and it should be seen in your content. However, in crypto article writing, it’s critical to not just write text around keywords, but create high-quality and useful content.

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How To Create Quality Crypto Content

Balancing Technical Details with Reader Accessibility

Considering the technical nature of this industry, there are many complex terms and topics that people need to know. A crypto content writer should be able to create texts that are accurate, informative, and at the same time accessible to readers of different levels of knowledge.

Adopt a layered approach to text structure: begin with a concise, non-technical summary, followed by an in-depth analysis. Provide analogies familiar to the general audience to explain complex concepts. Graphics, such as flowcharts or infographics, can visually simplify challenging ideas (while also contributing to the shareability of your content).

Lastly, include a glossary or hyperlinked terms. This allows novices to explore definitions at their own pace while letting seasoned readers delve into the content seamlessly.

Importance of Up-to-Date and Accurate Information

The rapid industry growth and the high volatility of cryptocurrencies have led to a very dynamic situation in the crypto content field. Topics and terms can quickly become outdated, while new phenomena might become the focus of everyone’s attention in mere hours. Regular content audits and consistent keyword monitoring are a must for keeping your website up to date.

In addition, these changes can cause a higher risk of misinformation, when predictions and tips that were once helpful can become harmful to inexperienced traders. Plus, the lack of regulation leads to scams and fraud, making users and search engines particularly meticulous in their analyses. Thus, frequently reviewing and adjusting your content is absolutely essential in this field.

The Role of Evergreen Content in the Crypto Space

Not all crypto-related topics are so volatile. There are “evergreen” questions and notions that will stay interesting to readers for a long time. When creating an SEO content strategy for a crypto website, such topics should form the foundation of your efforts. However, it’s important to distinguish between evergreen topics and evergreen content here.

Evergreen content is non-time-sensitive content that stays “fresh” for long periods of time without the need to constantly update and optimize it. This type of article targets an evergreen topic, which shows regular interest and consistent search volume over time. This means that people will keep searching for information related to it.

However, in the crypto niche, not all evergreen topics allow for the creation of truly evergreen content. When researching keywords for such articles, you may see that phrases like “price predictions” do not show declining trends. They are very popular and will always stay relevant.

“price predictions” cluster analysis

Here, the very nature of the crypto markets makes content on such topics only temporarily relevant. Although it is possible to create seemingly evergreen price prediction pages (for instance, with the help of an API implementation and data parsing to keep the information up to date), it’s best to continue searching for more consistent terms.

For instance, “how to buy…” or “how to exchange crypto” are questions that will not require frequent updates. They allow your crypto copywriter to create truly evergreen content.

“how to buy…” keywords example

On-Page SEO Elements Optimization

Title Tags and Meta Descriptions for Crypto Articles

Title tags and meta descriptions are what users see in search engine results pages when your page is shown for their query. In order to motivate the user to visit your site, these tags should be engaging and informative.

  • Be Clear: Ensure your title precisely reflects the content. For instance, “Beginner’s Guide to Bitcoin Trading” is straightforward and targeted.
  • Use Keywords: Your primary keywords should be used at the beginning of your title and within your meta description, without keyword stuffing.
  • Engage, Don’t Mislead: Craft meta descriptions that entice clicks while genuinely summarizing content.
  • Stay Within Length Limits: Aim for titles under 60 characters and meta descriptions around 155 characters to avoid truncation in search results.
  • Call to Action: Encourage action in meta descriptions with a CTA like “learn how to start trading today.”

Heading Hierarchy and Its Impact on SEO

A well-structured article not only makes the reader more interested but also contributes to your SEO efforts. Ensure you follow a logical order in your articles and reflect it in your subheadings. Use different levels of headings throughout your text: level 2 headers (H2) are great for dividing your article into large sections, while level 3 ones (H3) can further structure them.

For search engines to interpret the subheadings, choose the correct formatting and tags for them. And to make them truly helpful to readers, make sure they reflect the information given in those sections by using relevant keywords. For enhanced readability, write subheadings that allow the reader to scan through the text and get a general understanding of it without making much effort.

Image Optimization and Alt-Texts for Crypto-Related Visuals

Visuals can make your content stand out and contribute to your link building efforts. Creating infographics, illustrations, and other visuals can encourage readers to share your articles while also making the complicated crypto topics easier to understand.

However, images should be well-optimized to not slow your page down. Compress the images before using them but try to keep their quality high to preserve the viewing experience. In addition, descriptive alt-texts can help not only make your website more accessible to a diverse audience but also ensure that algorithms understand your illustrations. Plus, you can name the image files accordingly to simplify the crawling process.

Stay Updated with Crypto Market Changes

The Impact of Crypto Market Volatility on Search Trends

Search behavior is an important factor for any SEO strategy. In crypto SEO, keeping up with market trends is essential, taking into account frequent changes and seasonal trends, as they dictate what users will be searching for.

For instance, during bullish runs, there’s a surge in queries about buying opportunities, the latest altcoins, or trading strategies. Conversely, bear markets might amplify searches for risk management, market analysis, or exit strategies.

This ebb and flow requires agile content adjustments in crypto SEO. Rapid content creation or updates can address the current market sentiment, ensuring relevance. Being proactive, monitoring market trends, and swiftly adapting keyword strategies are vital.

Adaptation to Changing Crypto Regulations and Their Effect on Content

As governments across the world debate on cryptocurrency regulations, major markets experience considerable shifts when new legislation is introduced. This influences not only the trading processes but also the promotion opportunities that crypto websites have. Cryptocurrency-related platforms have limited access to paid advertising: it depends on the specifics of their products and services and the locations targeted by the ads.

Thus, SEO has become the preferred promotion method for many websites. For example, Google analyzes EEAT factors when ranking pages. Pages that show better experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness are ranked higher. By improving these factors, you can increase your authority in the eyes of search engines while also showing users that your content is of high quality.

Some tactics to improve the EEAT of your website include working with an experienced crypto writer (and providing their bio to prove expertise) and citing reliable sources. Writing comprehensive legal pages is also key to presenting your website as a trustworthy platform.

SEO Performance Monitoring and Analyzing

Essential SEO Metrics for Crypto Writers to Track

In SEO, regular performance analysis is crucial for checking the effectiveness of your strategy. Several SEO metrics can help analyze your content performance, user engagement, and areas needing improvement. For crypto copywriters, understanding these metrics ensures content remains competitive in a dynamic digital landscape:

  • Organic Traffic: Measures the number of visitors coming from search engines. An uptick signifies effective SEO efforts and content relevancy.
  • Bounce Rate: Indicates the percentage of visitors who leave after viewing only one page. A high rate might suggest content isn’t meeting users’ expectations or isn’t user-friendly.
  • Keyword Rankings: Tracks the position of specific keywords in search results. Rising rankings mean your content is gaining authority and relevance.

Adjusting Your Strategy Based on Performance Feedback

The abovementioned metrics should be checked regularly, both as part of the overall SEO audits and for each page that you want to rank. Analyze which pages drive the most traffic: this helps you see which tactics work the best for your target audience and which content resonates with them. If you see a high bounce rate, consider checking the technical aspects of your website and reviewing how well your content meets the search intent.

In addition, monitoring your keyword rankings gives you a general idea of your performance. If you don’t see the desired dynamics here or your competitors outperform you, take a look at their strategies and reconsider your approach to content. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy in content SEO, and search engine updates are introduced frequently, so you need to regularly assess these metrics and make data-driven adjustments to your tactics.

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SEO Challenges In Crypto Niche

Overcoming Keyword Saturation in Popular Crypto Topics

With so many crypto websites producing tons of content, you need to have something unique to offer to your visitors. In crypto writing, you need to delve deeper to stand out if you write about well-discussed topics.

To rise above the saturated market, focus on niche subjects. Researching long-tail keywords is a great way to find more specific topics. Moreover, engage with crypto communities to understand underrepresented queries or pain points, and craft content to address them.

Handling Misinformation and Its Effect on SEO

Prioritizing rigorous fact-checking in content creation not only ensures accuracy but boosts SEO and brand trust. Over time, a consistent track record of reliable content establishes your site as a credible source, attracting loyal readers and increasing organic traffic. Beyond just immediate SEO benefits, maintaining content integrity strengthens brand reputation, ensuring sustained growth in the competitive crypto domain.

Conclusion and Future Predictions

To sum up, content optimization in crypto SEO is a process that requires continuous deep research and an understanding of both the crypto markets and the SEO principles. Crypto copywriters need to determine effective keywords and content formats, while website owners have to ensure quality on-page SEO and continuous monitoring of SEO metrics.

SEO Trends to Watch Out For in the Crypto World

When it comes to upcoming developments in crypto SEO, we anticipate AI playing a pivotal role in SEO, aiding in content optimization and predicting user behavior with enhanced precision. AI might help in analyzing vast blockchain data and tailoring content to resonate with target audiences more effectively.

However, while automation can enhance content, the human touch remains irreplaceable for delivering quality and ensuring expertise in such a nuanced field. For now, it’s unlikely that websites can show great EEAT factors with solely generated content, so a human writer will still be necessary in the near future.

Emphasizing the Need for Continual Learning in Crypto SEO

Last but not least, the dynamic intersection of SEO and crypto necessitates continual learning. Writers must stay abreast of both spheres to keep their content relevant, insightful, and compliant with evolving best practices. Don’t hesitate to embrace change, and let the fusion of these two domains drive innovation in your content strategies.

Dmytro Gorbenko

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