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The cryptocurrency niche is one of the most dynamic on the Internet. As cryptocurrencies are sensitive to external influences (political statements, governmental restrictions, etc.), this causes price fluctuations. To let your crypto business grow, it is important to provide your customers (readers) with the proper informational support. Professional crypto writers will skyrocket your content marketing strategy by delivering hot crypto news, analytics, and authoritative content. The latest market updates and news will help your crypto platform attract a new audience and retain regular customers. Let your company stand out from the competitors with a powerful content writing service.

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White Papers

White papers are comprehensive documents that explain a particular cryptocurrency project or technology in detail. They often outline the problem the project aims to solve, its proposed solution, the technical aspects involved, etc.


SEO Text Writing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) text writing involves creating content that is optimized for search engines. This type of writing focuses on using relevant keywords and other SEO techniques to improve a website’s visibility and ranking in search engine results.


Press Releases

Press releases are written announcements that provide news or updates about a cryptocurrency project or company. They are typically distributed to media outlets and can help generate publicity and attract attention to a specific event, milestone, or development.


Blog Posts

Blog posts are articles or entries published on a blog. In the context of crypto website, blog posts can cover a wide range of topics related to cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, market analysis, industry trends, or educational content and collect additional traffic.


Promotional Content

Promotional content involves creating persuasive and engaging materials to promote a cryptocurrency project, event, or product. It can include advertisements, marketing campaigns, social media posts, or other content aimed at generating interest and driving user engagement.


Content Rewriting/Updationg

Content rewriting involves taking existing content and reworking it to make it more engaging, SEO adapted, concise, or suitable for a different audience. It may involve restructuring sentences, improving readability, or adapting the tone and style.


Illustration & Graphic Design

Illustration and graphic design services involve creating visual elements, such as infographics, diagrams, charts, or images, to enhance the visual appeal and clarity of cryptocurrency content.


Keyword Research

Keyword research involves identifying and analyzing relevant keywords and search terms that are commonly used by people searching for cryptocurrency-related information. This helps optimize content for improved search engine visibility and targeted audience reach.

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Crypto content is usually regarded as persuasive and appealing creatives (texts, videos, and images), forecasts based on expert analysis, educational materials, rate chart fluctuations, etc., which give useful information about the cryptocurrency market. Users of the cryptocurrency site often expect it to provide detailed information about the Bitcoin exchange rates, tokens value, promising projects, blockchain technology, etc. Thus, companies hire a crypto content writing agency to meet these growing expectations. Indeed, a single crypto content writer with the proper experience can bring more benefits and dividends than a group of amateurs just because creating content is his/her profession.

The dynamism and highly competitive environment make the content a leading power in site promotion. People who come to the site do not want to know what you sell, but how much they can trust you and what benefit you can bring. The last thing they care about is your company news. On the contrary, a competently written blog will give them reasons to stay. Write answers to the questions they usually ask when contacting the support service. Place these materials in the Blog section – a place where you share interesting facts, tell stories and give advice. By showing ways to solve customer problems, your site becomes interesting for people.

Everything is individual here. If you launch a new crypto site with a blog section, you need a long-term content strategy to promote your platform. It often means hundreds or even thousands of high-quality articles with links, as well as social media platform posts for potential customers.

For existing crypto websites, it is usually enough to update the blog section several times a month or every week, depending on the expected result. Sometimes, the main thing is not the quantity of the content, but the quality: one viral post or video can bring you more new customers than hundreds of SEO articles.

In rare cases, it is possible to generate the content, but we do not recommend doing it regularly. Your content should be not only optimized but also unique and useful for the user. If the project faces big challenges, it will be very difficult to remain competitive without high-quality content.

Copied content is easily identified by the search engine. This leads to a lower ranking of your site or article and negatively affects promotion.

The budget depends on the goals set, as well as the amount of content that needs to be produced. Contact us via the feedback form so that our specialists can provide you with recommendations.

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