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Maximize your cryptocurrency website’s potential for SEO success with audit that ensure proper optimization for search engines. Without experienced guidance, conducting a full SEO audit can be daunting, which is why we offer expert services to provide a detailed check of your site for technical errors and compliance with Google requirements. Our comprehensive analysis and tailored technical task will boost your site’s ranking on SERPs, expedite indexing, and attract more search traffic.

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Why Does Your Crypto Website Need SEO Audit

  • Identifying technical errors

    Our SEO audit for a crypto website helps to identify technical errors and shortcomings that may be hindering the site’s effective performance in search engines.

  • Determining competitive landscape

    By conducting an SEO audit, you can determine the competitive landscape in the cryptocurrency niche and develop a tailored strategy for promoting your website that takes into account the unique aspects of this niche.

  • Improving visibility

    An SEO audit can help to increase the visibility of your website in search engine results pages (SERPs), which can lead to higher rankings and more organic traffic.

  • Boosting site's ranking

    A thorough audit can also identify areas for improvement in your site’s optimization, which can help to boost its ranking in search results.

  • Attracting more organic traffic

    By improving your site’s visibility and ranking, you can attract more organic traffic from search engines, which can help to increase your site’s overall performance and reach.

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Our Crypto Website Audit Services


Technical audit

Our SEO technical audit involves assessing technical SEO factors that can affect search engine rankings. This includes evaluating the site’s URL structure, analyzing the website’s code for issues like broken links, crawl errors, and page speed optimization. The audit may also include analyzing the website’s server configuration, security.


Internal linking audit

Internal linking contributes to better indexing of the site and reasonable distribution of page weight. It is also important to observe the informational interaction of pages with each other. We evaluate the logical relationship of pages and provide recommendations for its improvement.


Content audit

We will check the text on your priority pages for compliance with the requirements of search engines (spaminess, uniqueness, correct HTML structure, embedded headings, use of keywords, etc.).Our audit will help you optimize your SEO texts and meta tags.


Site structure audit

The site should have a clear and logical structure of pages, organized into categories and connected by internal links.The user must reach the page of interest to him with a few clicks. But that’s not all. Many experts forget that the logic of building an information structure will be evaluated by a Search Engine.


Link audit

A link audit for a crypto website analyzes backlink quality and internal linking structure. It identifies and resolves toxic links to boost search engine visibility and drive more traffic.

What our standard technical SEO audit consists of

There are many technical issues in the work of any site that worsen it and hinder effective search promotion. They are visible only to specialists who study internal factors that affect the search ranking of a web resource as part of SEO analysis. The implementation of this task consists of the following steps:

Cryptocurrency websites may have non-obvious SEO errors that can harm their search engine rankings.

Let’s audit your site now to uncover and resolve any potential issues.

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We make all decisions based on the data from the TOP, so each optimization strategy is individual and tailored to the needs of a particular project in a particular niche. In order to calculate the cost of promoting your crypto project, fill out an application.

It always depends on the complexity of the project and the strategy itself. Usually, the first results can be seen after 2-4 months of site promotion. However, you can count on really increased positions of your site in 6-9 months after implementing the SEO strategy for your project.

No. We cannot guarantee positions and traffic for the project since we are not Google. But our process is built in such a way that we can predict the result immediately after analyzing the niche and the project itself based on the data. Further, we can guarantee that the work we do will lead to the desired result.

Yes. We accept Bitcoin, USDT, Ethereum, and BUSD.

Because we are #1 SEO in crypto. We have solid experience, a strong team, and a well-established process; we follow the best practices and can guarantee excellent results for clients.

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