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SEO Audit For Crypto Website

Websites that are based on cryptocurrency have a lot of potential when it comes to SEO. However, in order to make the most of this potential, website owners need to carry out regular audits in order to ensure that their site is optimized for search engines.

There are different factors that need to be taken into account when conducting an SEO audit for a crypto website. Without proper experience, it will be impossible to make a full SEO audit. An SEO audit service is a detailed check of your crypto or blockchain website for technical errors and compliance with Google requirements.

During a detailed audit, we will conduct a complete analysis of the site and develop a detailed technical task, the implementation of which will improve the ranking of your site on the SERP, speed up the indexing of the resource, and attract more traffic from the search.

Why Do You Need an SEO Audit of a Crypto Website?

If you want to ensure that your crypto website is optimized for search engines, then you need to order SEO audit services. This will help you to identify any potential issues that could be holding back your website from achieving its full potential.

An SEO audit of a crypto website can be a complex and time-consuming process. However, it is worth the effort as it can help you to make sure that your website is visible to potential customers and clients. By taking the time to perform a website audit, you can ensure that your website is performing at its best and making the most of its opportunities.

Technical analysis of resource status

The purpose of this technical analysis is to provide a resource status update for the company. This analysis will include an overview of the current situation, as well as recommendations for future resource development. Moreover, this document is also meant to serve as a justification for increased resource expenditure in the upcoming budget year.

Optimization of the site structure to search demand and search engine requirements

When optimizing the structure of a site, we take into account not only the features of the resource being promoted but also the specifics of requests and the features of search engines. We analyze the site structure, taking into account:

  • thematic focus of the resource;
  • the structure of the information on the site;
  • the relationship between individual sections and pages of the site.
Search for information demand to attract new users

After analyzing the site, we form a semantic core – a set of key queries that cover the main topics of the site. We analyze the search engines for the presence of these queries in the TOP-10 and their frequency of search. On the basis of this analysis, a decision is made on the need to optimize the structure of the site.

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What Is Included in an SEO Site Audit?

During the SEO website audit, we conduct a detailed analysis of the internal and external optimization of your crypto project. This will allow to determine its strengths and weaknesses, as well as to find the problem areas of the project, the adjustment of which will significantly improve its position. SEO page audit of a crypto project consists of the following steps:

Preparatory stage

Site crawling. Website crawling is carried out using crawlers, such as Screaming Frog SEO Spider, to obtain basic information about the internal information of the site. We collect information that will help identify duplicate content and duplicate pages, check the response code of the pages, as well as a number of other indicators and parameters that affect the ranking of the site in the search results.

Google Search Console metrics documentation. This is done in order to further analyze the main errors of the site that the Search Engine has already seen, as well as check it for sanctions, indexing, page loading speed, and a number of other parameters.

Internal SEO site audit

There are many technical issues in the work of any site that worsen it and hinder effective search promotion. They are visible only to specialists who study internal factors that affect the search ranking of a web resource as part of SEO analysis. The implementation of this task consists of the following steps:

  • Checking if the site has affiliates
  • Tools analysis (Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, Google Analytics)
  • Checking the correctness of links exchanged with social profiles
  • Data analysis through Google Search Console
  • Checking the correctness of merging mirrors (WWW and HTTPS) / Checking the correctness of the HTTPS settings
  • Parsing the robots.txt file
  • Analysis of semantic markup formats
  • Recommendations for the correct setting of pagination pages
  • Recommendations for the correct setting of 404 pages
  • Recommendations for the correct merging of internal URLs
  • Analyzing the correctness of breadcrumbs and providing recommendations to increase the attractiveness of the snippet
  • Recommendations for correct configuration of HTTP page responses (40x, 50x)
  • Checking the correctness of internal redirects
  • xml sitemap validation
  • Guidelines for hiding outbound external links
  • Recommendations for generating an HTML sitemap
  • Recommendations for ALT and Title for images
  • Setting bans on advertising URL indexing
  • Checking for duplicate content
  • Checking for broken links
  • Recommendations for implementing protection against displaying a site in an Iframe
  • Recommendations for marking up a site for social networks
  • Setting the language versions of the site, hreflang
  • Checking for automatic sanctions (filters) from Google
  • Search for duplicates, affiliates, mirrors, test subdomains
  • Website loading speed check
  • Providing recommendations on the correct generation of the site URL
  • Analysis of the information structure of the site and the logic of its formation

With the help of an internal SEO audit, it is possible to achieve significant results and save funds.

Site structure audit

Site architecture audit. The site should have a clear and logical structure of pages, organized into categories and connected by internal links.The user must reach the page of interest to him with a few clicks. But that’s not all. Many experts forget that the logic of building an information structure will be evaluated by a Search Engine. Therefore, this aspect is also important in site audit.

Internal link audit. Internal linking contributes to better indexing of the site and reasonable distribution of page weight. It is also important to observe the informational interaction of pages with each other. We evaluate the logical relationship of pages and provide recommendations for its improvement.

Content audit

Page title audit . H1 is the title that is visible to the user and usually corresponds to the title of the page. Properly optimized headlines are the first thing your audience sees in search results and on social networks, after which they decide to visit your site. Title – the title of the page – is not displayed on the page itself but is visible on a tab in the browser. Currently, the Title is a text block that tells the search engine with the use of words what is on the page and what search queries this page matches. Description tag is the description of the page from the given tag. It can be included in a snippet in search results, so you should take a responsible approach to manage the meta descriptions of important pages.

Providing recommendations for using keywords in tags. As part of this task, a webmaster provides recommendations on the correct use of keywords in tags.

Main content optimization. Checking existing texts with a high potential to increase traffic placed on pages for compliance with the requirements of search engines (spamminess, uniqueness, correctness of HTML markup, inline headings).

External SEO site audit

Analysis of outbound links that link to the site

Analysis of the quality of the existing link mass

Analysis of the reference mass of competitors

Generating a list of recommendations based on the received data

Tips for Protecting Against Negative SEO

Negative search engine optimization (SEO) refers to a collection of black and unethical practices and technologies that competitors use to lower your site’s position in the SERPs or even get it banned from search engines. Our recommendations will reduce the risk of receiving hacker attacks, site hacks, displaying unwanted content on your site, etc.

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We make all decisions based on the data from the TOP, so each optimization strategy is individual and tailored to the needs of a particular project in a particular niche. In order to calculate the cost of promoting your crypto project, fill out an application.

It always depends on the complexity of the project and the strategy itself. Usually, the first results can be seen after 2-4 months of site promotion. However, you can count on really increased positions of your site in 6-9 months after implementing the SEO strategy for your project.

No. We cannot guarantee positions and traffic for the project since we are not Google. But our process is built in such a way that we can predict the result immediately after analyzing the niche and the project itself based on the data. Further, we can guarantee that the work we do will lead to the desired result.

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