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Quick facts:
  • Time span – 13 month
  • 374 pages optimized
  • Organic Traffic Increase +1,1m
  • 538 outreach links earned
  • 15 GEOs in promotion

Multilingual crypto exchange. One of the main problems was the optimization of the crawling budget and on-page optimization of the landing pages of the site. During the year, we managed to improve the performance of the English version of the site and find new growth points.

Thanks to the prompt work of our team, as well as the cool interaction with the client, we were able to multiply the site traffic several times. Full information about this case study read here…

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Services we provide

Technical SEO Audit

Uncover website weaknesses and optimize your online presence for better search engine rankings.

SEO Strategy Development

Customized plans to improve visibility, drive traffic, and achieve long-term SEO success.

Link Building

Build high-quality backlinks to enhance your website’s authority and boost organic search rankings.

Crypto Website Design & Development

Create stunning and functional websites tailored to the unique needs of the cryptocurrency industry.

Content Writing

Engaging and SEO-friendly content that captivates your audience and drives organic traffic to your site.

SEO Services and Consulting

Get expert guidance and comprehensive solutions to maximize your website’s search performance.

Dedicated SEO Teams

Access a team of seasoned SEO professionals dedicated to elevating your online visibility and growth.

E-E-A-T audit

Evaluate experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness to enhance credibility and build a solid online reputation.

Use our entire arsenal to get significant results!

How we are different from others

Data-Driven Approach

We create SEO strategies for our customers’ projects based on accurate data, key metrics, and site performance specs.


We have 6+ years of working with crypto projects of different complexity and 15+ years of successful operation in the SEO business, including crypto SEO.

Strong team

We build strong high-performing teams through a streamlined process and create a shared sense of purpose for all driving your crypto SEO project.

Own internal tools

We have a pool of our own internal tools that help us make important SEO decisions fast and effectively.

LMS + internal SEO school

We have the company standards that we stick to, and we train and grow our SEO specialists thus bringing more value to our customers.


We always keep our focus on the profitability of our clients’ projects through organic traffic.

All SEO processes are in-house

We do not outsource link building and content production as we have separate departments that cover all needs.

We work with all GEO

If the task is to promote the project in Japan, Korea, or Scandinavian countries like Norway or LATAM, it’s not a problem (the only exception is the russian federation).

Transparent process

Our clients know all the costs and how every cent is spent. We ensure a transparent process and have no hidden fees.

What is Crypto SEO?


CryptoSEO will help your company stand out from the shade and boost your customer base. We have solid experience in the cryptocurrency niche and know how everything is arranged there and what should be done so that you climb to the top of SERP and get the top crypto traffic.

The cryptocurrency SEO campaign that we do for you will be tailored to your needs and project features. Be it SEO for Blockchain industry, Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Litecoin, we will take care of all that.

How our process work


Planning and strategy

Team setup

Getting a result

Expanding the frontiers


A cryptocurrency SEO strategy development starts with niche research and competitor analysis. Our top crypto SEO agency checks what’s happening in your niche, who your key competitors are, how they are doing, and what trends are expected so far. Answers to these questions will help to build an effective digital marketing SEO strategy based on thorough and in-depth research.


At our agency, we do not offer template strategies. The tactic that we offer reflects your business needs and the current market condition. The project optimization solution that we offer covers all the key aspects — from keyword research and website structure optimization to link building and digital marketing.


The team of specialists who will handle your crypto project will be built based on a strategy type agreed with you. What is more, your team will run your project only, without shifting their attention or focus to anything else. So, you can count on high-performance results.


The effective SEO strategy that we do for you is result-focused and data-driven. And we constantly check how well it goes by assessing key metrics. As a result, you will get performance reports and monthly SEO audit reports on a regular basis and will be able to control the process yourself.


Blockchain and cryptocurrency SEO come on par. We are conducting additional research to attract new users. We consider new requests appearing on the Internet and predict demand, taking into account the emergence of new target relevant keywords and using them as a part of the semantic core of your cryptocurrency website.

What Crypto businesses we can Help

img Cryptocurrency Exchanges

The site’s cryptocurrency SEO will enable you to bring more people from search engines to your cryptocurrency exchange. As a result, more users will register on your site and use your exchange services. This will end up in your higher profits and stable income.

img Crypto Trading Platforms

We excel in optimizing Crypto Trading Platforms. Our tailored SEO solutions boost visibility, improve search rankings, and attract targeted traffic. With expertise in the cryptocurrency industry, we’ll enhance your platform’s online presence and drive sustainable growth. Trust us to unlock your website’s potential in the competitive world of crypto trading.

img Crypto E-commerce projects

Our solutions will bring the max benefit to e-commerce projects. One of the goals of search engine optimization is to win customer loyalty and establish contact with a wider audience of users. And this is most probably what you are looking for as one of the crypto companies.

img Altcoin wallets

Cryptocurrency SEO will bring the max benefit to e-commerce projects. One of the goals of search engine optimization is to win customer loyalty and establish contact with a wider audience of users. And this is most probably what you are looking for as one of the crypto companies.

img NFT projects

Make users give preference to your NFT projects by employing SEO techniques. Knowing what your customers are looking for, what they value, and what your competitors lack will make you at stake. Employ this knowledge to become a leader in your narrow (or wide) NFT niche.

img Crypto trading bots

Use our expertise in optimizing Crypto Trading Bots for maximum performance. With our specialized solutions, we enhance your bot’s online presence and attract a targeted user base. Unlock your full potential with our SEO services.

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We make all decisions based on the data from the TOP, so each optimization strategy is individual and tailored to the needs of a particular project in a particular niche. In order to calculate the cost of promoting your crypto project, fill out an application.

It always depends on the complexity of the project and the strategy itself. Usually, the first results can be seen after 2-4 months of site promotion. However, you can count on really increased positions of your site in 6-9 months after implementing the crypto SEO strategy for your project.

No. We cannot guarantee positions and traffic for the project since we are not Google. But our crypto SEO process is built in such a way that we can predict the result immediately after analyzing the niche and the project itself based on the data provided and keyword research that we will carry out. Further, we can guarantee that the work we do will lead to the desired result.

Yes. We accept Bitcoin, USDT, Ethereum, and BUSD.

Because we are #1 SEO in crypto. We have solid experience, a strong team, and a well-established process; we follow the best practices and can guarantee excellent results for clients.

Sometimes it may seem that special tools or approach are needed to promote a certain site. For example, people who search for “seo agency for nft” or “bitcoin seo” are looking for those who will directly write something special about these services. We must say that the main thing in choosing a contractor is his knowledge of the Search Engine and the presence of rich experience. This is the base. Further development of the strategy depends on the competition, your goals and your budget.

Yes! In order to get crypto traffic, we will help you place press releases on premium sites. Our authors are ready to write expert articles, as we select experienced specialists individually for each of the cryptocurrency websites. We will also post links to crypto related projects using other types of links, such as outreach, crowd, links from the main pages, and so on.

Search results encompass enhanced website visibility, increased click-through rates, and a greater likelihood of reaching the target audience searching for cryptocurrency-related information and services. This can be seamlessly integrated into your marketing strategy, contributing to expanding your target audience.

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