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Crypto Website Design & Development

Crypto Website Design & Development

Building a successful business in the cryptocurrency sphere is impossible without a good crypto website. On the other hand, the number of e-commerce sites that accept payments in cryptocurrencies is also growing. Entering this competitive niche is not easy at all, however, a good-looking crypto platform is a good start. If you think that your crypto website needs a proper update, or you want to build it from scratch – hire a team of professional designers and developers to get the job done for you. This is a long-term investment that will make your business grow at an accelerated pace.

Why Does Professional Web Design Matter to a Crypto Website?

Why Does Professional Web Design Matter to a Crypto Website_

A good crypto website has to be both functional and attractive, inviting users to explore its pages and find answers to their questions. Developing such a platform is not easy, as it requires knowledge, experience, skills, and people. Your results majorly depend on this balance of UI/UX and core functionality, because the crypto website is the face of your brand and a storefront of your business at the same time. 

As search engine requirements become stricter, you also need to look into the future and create opportunities for further website updates. A crypto platform should serve for digital marketing campaigns, be attractive for lead generation activities, and more. A website should also provide a proper understanding of the services to get and goods to purchase. With a professional cryptocurrency website design team by your side, you can be sure to get a high-quality web resource able to deliver the best possible results.

Boost search ranking Boost search rankings

A well-versed crypto website will contribute to the search results with its updated structure. As search engines become very picky and scrupulous, only the best resources can reach the top as they meet the appropriate requirements. 

Custom made optimization Custom-made optimization

A good crypto platform should be primarily focused on customer needs. High-quality keywords, convenient navigation, supportive content, responsive design, quick support options – all these criteria should be constantly observed by the pros. Alternatively, a website will have a bad conversion rate. 

Search engine optimization (SEO)

The development of the crypto platform should be SEO-focused. Further promotion on the Internet, as well as the effectiveness of such campaigns, will depend on the foundation set by cryptocurrency website design developers. Top positions can be achieved with constant internal and external site optimization. 

Brand awareness development

A crypto platform should contribute to the overall company’s image, or build a solid foundation for its development. As crypto companies mostly operate online, this criterion gains the utmost importance. Appealing CTA and logo, appropriate color palette, and visuals will boost brand awareness. 

Testing to perfection

Before the launch of the crypto website, multiple research and tests should be performed to make sure that everything works properly. Usually, this job should be done by people outside the development process to reach a high level of efficiency. 

Launching and supporting the product

A crypto website should receive decent support after the launch of the project. Post-development period is characterized by numerous challenges, which platform owners face. Timely improvements and attention to detail are always appreciated, and only pro developers understand it. 

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Why Invest in Professional Web Design Services for Crypto Websites?

Why Invest in Professional Web Design Services for Crypto Websites_

Some crypto business owners underestimate the importance of good web design services and try to save money on them. However, there is a direct dependency between your future profit or growth and the competitiveness of your web resource:

  • Conversion improvement – This criterion directly affects sales, as the more visitors come to your landing page, the more possibilities you have to convert them into regular customers. No matter what conversion goals you set, the most important thing is that you can use your website design to interact with users and lead them to purchase.
  • Improving the experience of interacting with your crypto website – Outdated websites in the cryptocurrency world with poor usability naturally attract less attention from potential clients than well-versed crypto websites of competitors. A positive first impression, as well as further experience, are crucial for success, so owners should monitor and improve the website usability even in the post-development phase.
  • Maximizing your competitive advantage – As the crypto niche is extremely competitive, you should know the strengths and weaknesses of your cryptocurrency business, and maximize the effect of your advantages with high-quality web design. You can also analyze the weaknesses of your competitors and use them to emphasize your benefits. 
  • Upgrading your digital marketing strategy – To make sure that a crypto resource will be able to reach potential clients, owners should constantly invest in SEO promotion, especially in the first months after the launch. Thus, if a cryptocurrency platform doesn’t appear on the first page of the search – owners lose thousands of dollars monthly.
Crypto SEO Process Structure of Development

1. Definition of product requirements

At this stage, a group of developers communicates with the customer to identify the project goals and expected results. After the overall plan is agreed upon, developers proceed to the next phase.

2. Unique Selling Points (USP)

A well-thought-out USP fosters targeted communication and impacts branding, copywriting, and other marketing choices and ideas. Essentially, the unique selling proposal should immediately answer the most important questions a customer asks when discovering your cryptocurrency brand.

3. Logo design

This is one of the most important steps, as your logo design should reflect your business goals, be simple and appealing, and tell the right story to your customers. 

4. Domain name selection

The domain name should be simple and short to avoid mistyping or misspelling. Let people easily remember your website address, as it will also affect the conversion rate and sales.

5. Preparation of the main TOR

  • Collection of semantics – picking the semantic core for the main landing pages;
  • Structural elaboration – working on the information structure of the webpage using the main clusters of the semantic core and elaboration of menu blocks and site maps;
  • Development of page mockups – at this stage, the formation of the pages structure, content blocks, navigation, and banners is performed;
  • Writing texts – the creation of the basic SEO optimized content according to the page structure.



6. Page design development

The user-friendly, convenient, and appealing design is of the greatest importance for both resource users and owners. These criteria allow focusing on the main purpose of interaction with the cryptocurrency platform. 

7. Creation of Page Layout

Proper arrangement of the content and visuals on the page guarantees better interaction results from the users’ side. Minimalistic layouts with appealing CTAs and nice visuals are what the crypto webpage needs.

8. Page programming

The selection of the right programming language sets a foundation for post-development support. Giving preference to the popular programming languages is a good investment in this regard.

9. Service integration (Gmail, Mailchimp)

Even though some prefer using Gmail and Mailchimp separately, we recommend ensuring their integration as it will simplify the mail processing and facilitate the working tasks in general.

10. Content upload and bug fix

  • Page speed – configuration of the page load according to Google Core Web Vitals standards and other Page Speed requirements;
  • Responsiveness – the cryptocurrency website performance should be tested in all browsers;
  • Security – setting up the HTTPS certificate and site security systems.

11. Google Analytics conversion setup

To properly track the crypto website results, it is important to set up the Google Analytics account in the right way. To set up new goals correctly, one should have relevant experience.

Great Cryptocurrency Website Design Will Help You Unlock Your Benefits
Great Cryptocurrency Website Design Will Help You Unlock Your Benefits

Starting a successful crypto business on the Internet requires patience and time. Investing in a high-quality web design is a half of success, as this is the main tool for reaching the potential audience online. To unlock the hidden potential of the business, crypto website owners should invest time and resources in the development process, and web design in particular. A team of qualified specialists will be in touch 24/7 to answer all the questions about the cryptocurrency project and discuss possible upgrades. Grow your business with appealing and attractive cryptocurrency web design and let it stand out from the competitors.

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