Case Study: How we increased Organic Traffic 6 times for Crypto Exchange Website

Case Study: How we increased Organic Traffic 6 times for Crypto Exchange Website

In this case, we will look at how we managed to achieve a 6-fold increase in traffic during a 9-month cooperation with a crypto exchange. We will look at the main processes, analyze the strategy and resources that helped to achieve this result.

Initial data

Domain age: 8 years

Niche: cryptocurrency/crypto exchanger

Geo: EN, GE, ES

Organic traffic at the beginning of cooperation:

  • EN – 38497
  • DE – 2057
  • ES – 1783

Total website traffic: 89 340 Users

Backlinks: 35134 ref domains

Technical and on-page optimization:

  • Duplicate content
  • Metadata Optimization
  • Setting up linking blocks
  • Fixing the sitemap for blog articles
  • Correction of metadata generation formulas
  • Structured data markup optimization
  • Manual linking of blog pages with commercial
  • Work to improve page loading speed


At the start of the project, the main content was optimized only on a few dozen pages of the English version (about 60 pages).

Also, the content was partially created on commercial pages of other language branches. Such pages had duplicate content, unadapted content blocks in most language versions except English version.

The client also developed a blog, creating high-quality articles.

Link profile:

The English version of the website was the most developed:

  • EN – 32649 domains
  • DE – 22 domains
  • ES – 29 domains

Traffic comparison - From the beginning of cooperation until MAY 2022

Traffic comparison: August 2021 – MAY 2022

Traffic growth dynamics: August 2021 - MAY 2022

Traffic growth dynamics: August 2021 – MAY 2022


At the start of working with the crypto exchange, we were faced with the partially adapted content or not adapted at all. Basically, this concerned all versions of the site except English. The main problem was duplicate content on the main traffic generating pages. It didn’t allow them to rank properly.

For example, the German version of the page had content in English. The same was on the other versions of the website.

Relinking was implemented partially, but all pages of the site were not fully linked. The internal weight of the pages was not distributed as efficiently as it could.

Our main goal was to increase the visibility of keywords in the TOP 10, as well as increase traffic using only white hat SEO methods.

The link profile on the English version was the strongest. It was built by the client himself. This helped us a lot in our future work.

The link profile at the start

During the development of the link strategy, we determined that the links posted by the client were of quite high quality. Our task was to pick up this process and put the work on stream.

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Technical optimization

In technical side, the project was in an acceptable state:

  • Client monitored the page loading speed and know it’s weaknesses
  • There were not many 404 pages, as the client monitors the status of their pages
  • Most of the information on the site has been marked up by
  • There were technical questions to sitemap.xml.

Of course, the site needed SEO improvements, but it was clear that the technical condition was monitored. Such attention helps a lot when promoting a crypto project.

Project goals

All project tasks can be divided into several stages and processes:

Preparatory stage:

  • Competitor analysis
  • Website technical audit
  • Link profile analysis
  • SEO strategy development
  • Development of a link building strategy
  • Preparation of Technical requirements and recommendations for new content

Main stage:

  • Collecting the semantic core
  • Determination of the most traffic generating clusters
  • Manual Metadata Optimization
  • Correction of metadata generation formulas
  • Creation of new content
  • Link building launch
  • Preparation of the main technical tasks to improve the technical performance of the website

Calibration stage:

  • Checking positions in search results
  • Adjustment of the list of requirements for donor websites
  • Analysis of the positions of individual pages, adjusting plans for their improvement
  • Link strategy adjustment

Main processes:

  • Creation of new content
  • Link building
  • Analysis of competitors / research
  • Manual page linking

Core work on the project

The main sequence set the general tone of the work, but there were some sticks in the wheels.

Technical part

Most of the technical tasks were not implemented due to the complexity of the engine and confusion in the site code. The developers changed on the project, so the client decided to create a new admin panel and redesign the site. This process has been delayed. Fortunately, some tasks were still implemented, but not completely:

  • Fixed breadcrumbs – pages got additional linking and correct markup for them.
  • Fixed automatic sitemap update for blog articles
  • Partially implemented linking block between commercial pages.
  • Improved page loading speed and corrected CWV indicators
  • Removed duplicate tagged pages on the blog
  • Fixed links in the footer
  • Blocked from indexing outgoing links to other sites

Also, It was possible to optimize the metadata generation formulas, as well as to uniqueize some content blocks using the spin content. This way, we were able to submit new pages to the index and start collecting traffic for low-frequency queries.

In the course of work, we realized that with this approach we need to make high-quality content and implement the link strategy as good as possible.

The client also understood this problem. Therefore, in addition, blogging was transferred under our leadership. This allowed us to attract additional traffic and redirect the weight to the main commercial pages.

Link building process

Link building was done carefully, with approximately 12-17 outreach links each month per language version. We also used manual links in the amount of about 40 per month for each Geo.

Much attention was paid to ensuring that referring domains are in the domain zone of the region we need. This was essential for a targeted SEO campaign in individual locales. As for outreach links, each domain had to be manually selected. We took into account not only the domain rating, but also traffic, trust and spam.

The link profile of the English version of the site played the main role. We added linkability of dozens of high-quality domains. Thanks to that we were able to effectively increase the visibility of most pages, and collect traffic not only for low-frequency and medium-frequency queries, but also in some cases for high-frequency ones.

Content Creation

The main difficulty with the content was in the selection and training of quality authors. Since the market is not yet full of good specialists, we had to train them on our own. Including requested advice from our client, who was very helpful.

On the technical side, the texts were supplemented several times. After we decided on the general structure of the texts, and also resolved the issue with the authors, the work went faster.

The main thing we focus on is:

  • Uniqueness
  • Occurrence of a key request
  • Occurrence of LSI words
  • Correct structure
  • Information quality
  • Individual wishes of the client to individual content blocks

Every month we created and published about 40 texts on the money pages, and 28 to the blog.

Generally, quality content will always appear in the index if you try hard.

Therefore, we were able to quickly index new content and get the site to rank for new queries.


Thanks to the work done, we managed to collect additional English-speaking traffic not only in the US, but also in other English-speaking regions. Also, we have results in Germany and Spain:

Ahrefs traffic

The results for individual target countries are presented below:

  • USA


US traffic before


US traffic after

  • United Kingdom


UK traffic before


UK traffic after

  • India


India traffic before


India traffic after

  • Canada


Canada traffic before


Canada traffic after

  • Australia


Australia traffic before


Australia traffic after

  • Germany


Germany traffic before


Germany traffic after

  • Spain 


Spain traffic before


Spain traffic after


The main obstacle on the project was the difficulty in implementing tasks for a large-scale improvement in the technical optimization of the site. As well as a limited budget for links to develop a link profile in language versions, which does not yet allow to fully use the full potential of the project.

We were able to create new content for commercial pages, which allowed us to improve their positions. Also create interesting and high-quality articles for the blog. This helped to attract a new audience, while improving the conversion on the project.

We also developed a link profile by finding new high-quality domains and focused on key pages.

In the course of work, we have moved the growth of positions in some language versions off the ground. We are confident that after the implementation of the entire technical part, the result will be even better.

But the most important thing, as you may have noticed, is the excellent interaction of our team with our client. This is a great example of the synergy between the customer and the contractors. The work he did before helped us to make the result even better.

As a result, we got an increase in the visibility of keywords in the TOP 10 for the English version from 7.11% to 40%.

Despite all the difficulties, total organic traffic has grown from 89340 users in August 2021 for 9 months:

Total traffic before

Up to 543082 users in May 2022

Total traffic after

Thanks for your attention!

P.S. If you also want to increase the position of your crypto SEO project in Google search results, as well as increase organic traffic, feel free to contact us!

Dmytro Gorbenko

Dmytro is the owner of the Crypto SEO product. After more than 5 years of work in this niche, I realized that SEO has long ceased to be an ordinary marketing tool.