Why should you do SEO when cryptocurrency decreases in demand?

Why should you do SEO when cryptocurrency decreases in demand?

The Crypto Market is a predictable but unstable thing. Yesterday, all cryptocurrencies were growing at a rapid pace, and today they are already falling to the bottom. Let’s talk, is it worth it to start promoting your crypto project during a bear market? And is it worth investing in SEO when everyone else is trying to save money?

Large companies that are already in the top may well expand their scale by capturing new Geo’s. Clearly, they have a large margin of financial strength. But is it worth investing in promoting, for example, a crypto exchanger, given the fact of low demand for their services during a time of general fear in the market? Spoilers. The answer is yes!

Let’s look at the main reasons why you should do this.

The main resource is time.

The most valuable thing in our life is time – the only non-renewable resource. In business, it plays an important role, since it is necessary everywhere. You know that the goals are achieved after a certain period of time, during which it is necessary to make a lot of effort.

If we’re talking about SEO – everyone’s fear in the market – this is the best time to start promoting.

Choose one of the options: Catch up with the train when it has already started its journey. Or take a free seat while no one has come yet, and no one is going anywhere. What’s better? If you chose the second option, you are absolutely right.

“We are working, while most are sleeping”

SEO is a labor-intensive process. Websites don’t grow for days. This takes months and sometimes years. Moreover, it is necessary to work out an SEO strategy not just from the side of catching up. And you need to take into account the marketing component, and the specifics of the product. If you take everything into account, without haste, choose a normal contractor, assemble a team, and most importantly, start the process before the start of a new “bull market” – you are guaranteed success.

Let’s analyze some of the lidermarkets:

SEO growth of crypto market leaders

These guys know what I am talking about. Let’s try to analyze them. Link mass, we will see the next picture. To make it clearer, let’s compare it with Bitcoin’s growth cycles:


Binance started their SEO campaign in autumn of 2017. This is the time when Bitcoin started it’s cycle of growth.

Apparently, during the period of stagnation in the market, they suspended their SEO and directed resources to the development of the product. This could be dictated by company policy. But we see that there are no big gaps in the link mass, which means that most likely there was support from the SEO department, and a successful start of the promotion allowed us to save the developments:

Binance chart 1

Binance chart 2

Looking at the growth in traffic, you can see a wild increase in the middle of 2019. This could be possible due to the sharp increase in information demand for queries related to cryptocurrencies. In other words, hype. Then there was a decline. However, if you look at the graphs above, link building has gone steadily uphill, regardless of whether the market is growing or falling. And this says that the audience itself helps, and shares links in external resources. SEO remains in control of this process.

Binance chart 3


Paxful is supposed to start their SEO promotion in the middle of 2015. It was low but stable. But even after Bitcoin fall in the end of 2018 they continued to develop and invest in promotion:

Paxful chart 1\

Paxful chart 2

If we look at their traffic growth, there was a period of stagnation. During times of fear in the market, the frequency of queries can drop. However, this means that they need to continue to increase positions, as the market is cyclical.

Paxful chart 3

Get ready to start a new crypto cycle

The important phrase here is: “Preparation is the key to success

It is important not only to define a strategy, gather resources and start the process. It is also important to be mentally prepared, especially if you have a large website and a limited budget. Do not rush to take on everything at once. For example, you can promote 500 coins at the same time, replace high-quality content with generation templates, place thousands of cheap links to catch up with competitors in terms of their number, etc. We’ve seen a lot of bad decisions and I understand where they come from.

Therefore, it is better to concentrate your forces on the main thing. Let your strategy take into account the phased development of the entire site – from important to urgent. Then the team will not make mistakes, and you will be calm seeing a steady increase in positions and traffic every month.

Let’s look at the following example:


They started the project before the 2017 hype. Apparently, they also remained to maintain their positions during the calm period until the middle of 2019. However, it can be seen from the abnormal growth of links in the middle of the same year that they were trying to catch up as the demand for cryptocurrency increased. After that, we can say that they have drawn conclusions and continued to promote their product more steadily.

Bitpanda chart 1

Bitpanda chart 2

As far as we can see, Bitpanda tried to get on the “last train” in the middle of 2019. However, during the growth of cryptocurrencies, their result could be much higher if they worked more with SEO.

 Bitpanda chart 3


Of course, every project has its own nuances. There is no “right” moment to start SEO. However, there is always work to be done. It is especially important to be an optimist during periods of stagnation. Since the market is cyclical, you should always be ready to collect traffic in time. Start the process, monitor your positions and work here and now. Then you will be able to get more when others try to catch up with you.

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